Every homeowner will reach a point where they’ll need to update their living room or main room furniture. Modern living room furniture is forever changing year in and year out, meaning that your furniture can be hugely out of date with modern trends in as short a time frame as four to five years.

For instance, as of late, furniture with curves and spherical designs is popular for various stylistic reasons. Staying up to date is also massively important if you plan to climb the furniture ladder, as it can go a long way to set your home for viewing.

This article will cover the best modern living room furniture for you to consider in 2022. If the time has come to buy new furniture, then why not buy furniture with a modern design?

Meubelfabrik Theuns NV Coffee Table

Starting off this listicle is a piece of furniture that every living room should have; a high-quality coffee table. The coffee table is a staple of modern home design and serves as a centrepiece for living rooms across the nation.

A coffee table isn’t just useful for hosting; it acts as a piece of furniture that can set the tone of your living room. It also serves as a focal point where you can construct your living room.

With this understanding, choosing the right coffee table for you can be hard. It needs to fit your home theme, but equally, it needs to suit all its functional needs.

If you are undecided about your overall aesthetic and want something neutral but elegant, then Meubelfabrik Theuns has you covered. Their NV coffee table is crafted from slick oak with a muted, minimalistic style that complements any main room.

Keep things simple but stylish with this coffee table.

Skovby #941 TV Cabinet

When you think about modern designs, Skovby is a likely brand to come to mind.

Founded in 1933 by Thorvald Rasmussen, this Danish furniture business is responsible for crafting some of the trendiest furniture with unique designs that blend well with a host of modern home designs. Their #941 TV cabinet is no exception.

This TV cabinet is designed to seamlessly store and integrate a host of electronic appliances into your main living room, with an abundance of space for everything from your television set to BluRay players, DVD players, games consoles, and much more.

The TV unit features two large drawers on its design’s far left and right, with two long but short drawers stretching across its middle length. The built-in Skovby remote link system allows easy control, even when closed flaps.

For those who love a good sound system, you’ll be pleased to know that this cabinet has built-in space for a sound bar.

In terms of style, this unit is available in a range of veneer oak, with both light and dark finishes available to match a range of interior aesthetics.

It’s the ideal solution for any modern home.

Tom Schneider Swoop Floor Light

For those homeowners that want to inject a tone of both elegance and eccentricity into the home, Tom Schneider has the perfect designer home furniture for your needs.

Founded in 1996, Tom Schneider is a luxury modern furniture manufacturer based out of London, England. The brand is known for its iconic and distinct designs, such as the Serpent, DNA, and Swirl collections.

The swoop light is an excellent example of Tom Schneider at its best, providing an individualistic, beautifully crafted light ideal for those into futuristic designs. Its robust veneer design is simplistic but effective with its unique dimensions that can act as a focal point in any home.

The floor light also comes with a remote-control function that can dim the light at will, giving you full control over the ambience wherever this light is.

Venjakob Andiamo Sideboard

What living room is complete without a sideboard? But don’t buy just any old sideboard; purchasing a Vanjakob sideboard will give your home a sleek yet distinctive piece that can offer aesthetic and functional value.

Venjakob has been creating wonderful pieces of furniture since 1935, starting life in Germany from the vision and dedication of master carpenter Alfons Venjakob.

With over 75 years of industry pedigree, Venjakob is still creating exceptional pieces of furniture today. Their sideboard from their Andiamo collection is a prime example.

This sideboard comes with three full pull-out drawers of different sizes; 2 large and one medium-sized drawer. It also has a drop flap next to the pen space and two open shelving units for display or storage. These are ideal for storing anything from books to prized possessions.

An ideal option for main rooms everywhere!


Choosing new furniture for your living spaces can be a tough challenge. With so many brands, it can be hard to know where to start, but we hope our article has helped.

Happy furniture hunting!



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