Silverstone Circuit in Northamptonshire, a historic and prestigious venue in the world of motorsport, is renowned for its challenging layout and fast-paced racing. Whether you’re an amateur racer or a seasoned pro, optimizing your performance around this iconic track requires precise data and effective analysis. Enter the SOLO DL GPS Lap Timer—a powerful tool designed to help you shave off those crucial seconds and enhance your overall driving skills.

Understanding the SOLO DL GPS Lap Timer

The SOLO DL GPS Lap Timer is a high-performance data acquisition device that combines GPS technology with comprehensive data logging capabilities. Developed by AIM, a leader in motorsport data acquisition, the SOLO DL is designed to provide real-time feedback and post-session analysis to help drivers understand their performance and identify areas for improvement.

Key Features of the SOLO DL GPS Lap Timer

  1. GPS-Based Lap Timing: The SOLO DL uses GPS technology to provide accurate lap timing, ensuring precise measurements of your lap times and sector splits around Silverstone’s 3.66-mile Grand Prix circuit.

  2. Real-Time Data Display: The device displays essential information such as lap times, sector times, speed, and position on a clear and customizable screen. This real-time feedback is crucial for making immediate adjustments while on track.

  3. Comprehensive Data Logging: With the ability to log data from various sensors and the vehicle’s ECU, the SOLO DL captures a wide range of performance metrics, including throttle position, brake pressure, RPM, and more.

  4. Track Mapping: The built-in GPS enables detailed track mapping, allowing you to visualize your racing line and identify the most efficient path around the circuit.

  5. Post-Session Analysis: The SOLO DL comes with Race Studio 3 software, which provides an in-depth analysis of your driving data. You can compare laps, study telemetry, and pinpoint areas where you can gain time.

Maximizing Your Performance at Silverstone

1. Accurate Lap Timing and Sector Splits

The SOLO DL’s precise lap timing for cars helps you understand your overall performance, while sector splits break down each lap into smaller segments. By analyzing these splits, you can identify which sections of Silverstone you excel in and which require more focus. For example, you might discover that you’re losing time in the complex sequence of Maggots, Becketts, and Chapel, prompting you to adjust your braking points or entry speeds.

2. Optimizing Your Racing Line

Silverstone’s combination of high-speed straights and technical corners demands an optimal racing line to achieve the best lap times. The SOLO DL’s track mapping feature allows you to visualize your racing line and compare it with ideal lines. This comparison can reveal deviations that might be costing you valuable tenths of a second.

3. Improving Braking and Acceleration

Effective braking and acceleration are critical at Silverstone, particularly in corners like Abbey and Brooklands. By analyzing data such as throttle position and brake pressure, you can refine your braking zones and acceleration points. The SOLO DL helps you determine if you’re braking too early or too late, and whether you’re getting back on the throttle quickly enough.

4. Refining Gear Shifts

Silverstone’s varied layout requires precise gear shifts to maintain optimal engine performance. The SOLO DL records RPM data, allowing you to analyze your shifting points. This information can help you make adjustments to ensure you’re in the right gear at the right time, maximizing your car’s performance.

5. Consistency and Driver Improvement

Consistency is key to improving lap times. The SOLO DL’s data logging for bikes helps you identify inconsistencies in your driving, such as variations in lap times or differences in cornering speed. By working on these areas, you can develop a more consistent and efficient driving style.

Practical Application: A Lap Around Silverstone

Consider a typical lap around Silverstone. As you exit the high-speed Abbey corner, the SOLO DL’s GPS data shows your exact speed and racing line. Approaching the Village and The Loop, you can review your braking points and throttle application, ensuring you’re maximizing the grip and minimizing time lost. On the Hangar Straight, the device’s real-time speed data lets you know if you’re reaching the car’s top speed.

In the technical section of Maggots and Becketts, the SOLO DL’s sector split times help you understand where you’re gaining or losing time. Post-session analysis allows you to compare your best laps and see how different approaches to these corners affect your overall performance.


The SOLO DL GPS Lap Timer is an invaluable tool for anyone looking to improve their performance at Silverstone Circuit. Its precise data acquisition, real-time feedback, and comprehensive analysis capabilities make it an essential device for drivers aiming to refine their skills and achieve faster lap times. By leveraging the power of the SOLO DL, you can turn every lap into an opportunity for improvement and elevate your racing performance to new heights.

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