When it comes to track day performance, every detail counts. From monitoring engine parameters to analyzing driving patterns, the right tools can make a significant difference in both your performance and safety. AIM shop products offer a range of high-quality, precise instrumentation and data acquisition systems designed specifically for motorsport enthusiasts. Here’s a detailed look at essential AIM products to equip your track day car for maximum performance and reliability.

Performance Monitoring

AIM MXS/MXG Dash Logger The AIM MXS and MXG Dash Loggers are indispensable for any track day car. These advanced systems provide real-time data logging and display of crucial metrics such as speed, RPM, lap times, temperatures, and pressures. The customizable display ensures that you have all the vital information at your fingertips, allowing you to make instant decisions to enhance your performance.

AIM SmartyCam HD To complement the data from your dash logger, the AIM SmartyCam HD records high-definition video with telemetry data overlaid directly onto the footage. This feature is invaluable for post-session analysis, enabling you to review your laps with precise context for every action you took on the track.

Data Acquisition

AIM EVO4S Data Logger For comprehensive data acquisition, the AIM EVO4S Data Logger is a top choice. It connects to a variety of sensors, capturing detailed performance data across multiple parameters. This standalone unit is designed for versatility and robustness, ensuring reliable data collection in the demanding environment of track racing.

AIM GPS09 Module The GPS09 Module enhances your data acquisition setup by providing accurate GPS-based lap timing and tracking. With its high precision, this module ensures you have reliable lap data, crucial for assessing your performance improvements over time.


AIM Brake Pressure Sensors Monitoring brake performance is critical for consistent and safe lap times. AIM Brake Pressure Sensors give you real-time feedback on your braking system, helping you understand and optimize braking force application.

AIM Suspension Travel Sensors Understanding how your suspension reacts under different conditions is key to fine-tuning your car’s handling. AIM Suspension Travel Sensors provide precise measurements of suspension movement, assisting in the setup of your car for different track conditions.

AIM Thermocouples and Temperature Sensors Keeping an eye on the temperature of critical components like the engine, brakes, and tires can prevent overheating and potential failures. AIM’s range of thermocouples and temperature sensors offer reliable monitoring, ensuring your car operates within safe limits.

Safety and Reliability

AIM PDM (Power Distribution Module) AIM’s Power Distribution Module is essential for managing the electrical systems in your track car. By reducing the number of traditional fuses and relays, the PDM offers detailed diagnostics and reliable power management, enhancing both safety and performance.

AIM Lambda Controller For optimal engine tuning, the AIM Lambda Controller monitors the air-fuel ratio in real-time. This device ensures your engine runs at peak efficiency, delivering maximum power while protecting against potential damage due to incorrect mixtures.


AIM CAN Expansion Hubs As you expand your data acquisition system, AIM CAN Expansion Hubs allow for seamless integration of additional sensors and modules. These hubs are designed for easy connectivity, ensuring your data system grows with your needs.

Lap Timing

AIM MyChron5 2T While typically used in karting or motorcycles, the AIM MyChron5 2T can also be a valuable tool in a track car. This device provides precise lap timing and data logging, essential for any driver looking to improve their lap times consistently.


AIM Race Studio 3 AIM Race Studio 3 is the software backbone of your data acquisition system. This powerful tool allows for comprehensive data analysis, helping you to dig into the details of your performance. With its user-friendly interface, you can easily identify areas for improvement and fine-tune your setup accordingly.

Installation and Mounting Accessories

AIM Mounting Kits and Brackets Ensuring your AIM equipment is securely installed is crucial for reliable performance. AIM offers a range of mounting kits and brackets designed for a variety of applications, ensuring your devices stay put even under the most demanding conditions.


Outfitting your track day car with AIM shop products can significantly enhance your performance, safety, and reliability on the track. From advanced dash loggers and data acquisition systems to precise sensors and robust software, AIM provides everything you need to get the most out of your track day experience. With these tools, you’ll not only improve your driving skills but also gain a deeper understanding of your car’s dynamics, leading to better lap times and a more enjoyable track experience.

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