• Auto Trader Connect supports updating Auto Trader with bespoke Phyron automated videos for thousands of dealers
  • Cars advertised online with Phyron automated videos sell 3 to 5 days faster and drive 50% more traffic than those without
  • Swedish tech company Phyron’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) video solution enables car brands and retailers – independent or franchised – to create consistently high-quality, on brand videos for every car in their inventory within minutes, without any filming or data hosting worries

Stockholm, 17 November 2022 – Phyron, Swedish video tech pioneers, is now integrated with Auto Trader Connect to enable over 4,500 small and medium dealerships across the United Kingdom to access Phyron’s game-changing automated video service that will update their Auto Trader advertisements  in real-time.

Integration with Auto Trader Connect gives Phyron access to an application programming interface (API) used today for the upload of imagery and stock records  to the Auto Trader classifieds site. Using Auto Trader Connect, Phyron takes a retailer’s still imagery and stock record information and runs it through its Artificial Intelligence (AI) software to automatically produce on-brand and engaging videos, with zero human input.

An independent UK dealer with 50 cars on its forecourt, for example, could completely revamp and upscale its vehicle presentation on the Auto Trader platform without signing up to any long-term contract. What’s more, Phyron’s automated video service is known to increase speed of sales and turn inventory around faster.

Phyron CEO Johan Sundstrand, said: “We know that our technology is a huge help to automotive retailers and it has been proven to drive 50% more traffic and sell cars 3 to 5 days faster. Accessing Auto Trader Connect will enable every small and medium-sized dealer in the UK to produce automated videos simply from a few still images. This is particularly exciting for dealers who might have limited resources and concerns about balancing budgets. This milestone will significantly help dealerships to move cars more quickly, improving cashflow and profitability.”

Phyron’s innovative video and AI technology is the world’s first software solution for automated video production and distribution for the global automotive industry. The unique AI software and its algorithms enable Phyron to create videos for car advertisements which can be used on OEM brand or retailer websites, as well as classifieds, across social media channels and targeted email distribution. Not only do automated videos save retailers huge amounts of time and money on video production, especially as there is no need for a salesperson to video any cars on site or prepare a script of key features, they ensure premium quality films of every single car in a firm’s inventory has an engaging video ad attached to it in minutes.

The innovative process works by Phyron using Auto Trader Connect or a data feed from a retailer or car brand, including at least three still images and key product details. The AI then identifies the key properties in the images, including various shot angles, interior elements and exterior highlights, and then strips out the backgrounds and replaces them with a neutral one. The unique software then adds special effects, shadows and overlays the desired product specifics and any customer offers on the relevant images, including price and retailer dealer branding.

Thanks to state-of-the-art cloud computing, Phyron can process an unlimited number of videos concurrently, taking about 10 minutes to render them all, posting them live on a single retailer or classified online auction site, or scale them across an entire network if needed. If a detail changes, such as price, or promotion, the data feed updates and the video is re-rendered automatically as part of the small video fee.

The team have been working with car retailers and partners since 2019 and now counts over 1,500 customers across Europe equating to 100,000 cars currently carrying a Phyron video in the ads. Since January 2021, its customers’ car videos were viewed more than 236 million times and the firm is also now expanding into the North American market.

Dealerships interested in finding out more should contact Shaun Bosley at Phyron shaun.bosley@phyron.com

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