• KAMM Manufaktur restores and enhances original 912 sports cars to restomod perfection
  • KAMM 912c offers a modern take on a classic racer with analogue-feel at its heart, producing 170hp with a kerbweight of less than 750kg
  • Initial wave of UK automotive press first drives have commenced, resulting in unanimous praise
  • KAMM 912c Prototype shown at October Bicester Scramble during UK tour
  • A number of revisions now confirmed as part of production-ready specification
  • KAMM 912c production now underway in Budapest, with first cars sold

Budapest: 21st November 2022
KAMM Manufaktur, a new automotive brand from Budapest, launched their KAMM 912c prototype just a few months ago, and the reaction was extraordinary.

Founded by Miklós Kázmér in Budapest, Hungary, KAMM focuses solely on the diminutive 912 sports car, improving on perfection, without compromise, to create the KAMM 912c, a modern interpretation of a renowned classic.

First details of the KAMM 912c were released on the 8th of September this year, announcing carbon fibre bodywork, a re-engineered chassis, upgraded brakes and suspension, along with bespoke wheels and tyres and a complete interior redesign. A unique, high-performance, 170hp, 4-cylinder engine provided the ultimate in reliability combined with exemplary performance, along with an astonishing kerb weight of less than 750kg.

Following its announcement, the KAMM 912c made headlines around the world, with many celebrating its new take on ‘restomods’ with the purity of classic looks, paired with lightweight construction and beautiful finish. Hungarian car culture had finally broken cover.

KAMM founder Miklós Kázmér had a desire to show the prototype 912c to press while interest was high, to prove the concept whilst also allowing invited media to sample the car on UK roads. Less than a month after the initial press release was issued, the KAMM 912c was in the UK awaiting the scrutiny of leading automotive journalists. The results of these first drives are still being published, but already the positive comments are accumulating:

Top Gear
The 912 is so narrow-hipped it’s easy to slot through town and out into the countryside, where the (912)c really gets into its stride.

It’s a ‘Saturday morning thrash up a mountainside canyon road to a coffee shop’ sort of car. Immersive like a Caterham.

Minimal weight and just-enough power is something journalists and engineers are always banging on about, and it’s lovely to drive a car that exemplifies that approach.

It’s beautifully built, stunning to look at and, if nothing else, truly unforgettable to drive. Can’t ask for much more than that. 

While it might be a familiar template, bringing together such beautiful details with a totally enthralling drive ensures the Kamm 912c isn’t far from the restomod ideal.

This is mightily different to any 912 I’ve ever driven before, or even any 911.

The KAMM 912c was also displayed at the October Scramble at Bicester Heritage where thousands of showgoers had their first opportunity to examine the car up close and in detail.

Following the UK press drives and shows, KAMM engineers undertook extensive road test miles in UK and Hungary to further shake down the prototype ahead of an official start to manufacturing in 2023. These tests have resulted in a number of revisions to be added to the specification of the production cars, including:

  • Revised gearbox ratios
  • Electronic semi-active suspension
  • Switchable exhaust for enhanced noise control 
  • Scratch proof Lexan windows
  • New Smiths gauges
  • Revised electrical system with Life Racing ECU
  • Option of electronic fuel injection
  • Option of 5-bolt wheels (replacing centrelock) 

Since launching the 912c, KAMM has received interest from around the world, and the first sold client build is now in preparation for 2023 delivery to the United States.

KAMM Manufaktur Founder Miklós Kázmér said “I have worked on my vision of the perfect 912 for many years, creating a world-class team of engineers and experts to help make my dream a reality. To have experienced and knowledgeable automotive journalists enjoy and understand the 912c has been a true honour and I would like to thank them for their thoughts and feedback. The production-ready KAMM 912c will soon be presented, but now we prepare to enter into full production, and I am delighted to confirm the first customer cars are now sold ready for 2023 delivery.”

The KAMM 912c officially enters full production in 2023, priced at €325,000. Clients may buy a complete car from KAMM or supply their own 912 for conversion. Bespoke specifications can be quoted on request.

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