• The Little Car Company has launched a cutting-edge, augmented reality configurator for its Ferrari Testa Rossa J
  • Customers can unleash their creativity to design their Ferrari own Testa Rossa J, bespoke to their taste
  • Augmented reality feature brings the creation to life, placing it directly in front of the customer at 100% scale
  • To use the new configurator, please visit: https://configurator.testarossaj.com/
  • Media assets can be downloaded here: https://bit.ly/Ferrari_TRJ

25 July 2023, Bicester Heritage, UK: One of the most prestigious and historic cars in both automotive and motorsport history, the Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa, has been innovatively reimagined by The Little Car Company, and customers can now design their own interpretation of this legend online.

The Little Car Company, manufacturers of limited-edition hand built electric scaled cars, has launched its all-new configurator. Developed in partnership with renowned software development agency, Ibisdev, the configurator gives customers complete creative freedom to design their very own specification. From choosing a livery to their own taste, to selecting a race number, customers can see their creation come to life thanks to an innovative 3D augmented reality feature.

The Ferrari Testa Rossa J is built in partnership with the great Italian marque, and is a tribute to the iconic racer which found unprecedented levels of success throughout the 1950s and 1960s. The 250 Testa Rossa claimed 18 victories in its storied history, and secured three World Sportscar Championship titles in 1958, 1960 and 1961. Its crowning achievements came at Le Mans, winning the great 24-hour race four times in 1958, 1960, 1961 and 1962.

Honouring the great history and prestige of this iconic racer, the Testa Rossa J is propelled by an electric powertrain and is a faithful reproduction, which can now be created with almost limitless levels of personalisation. Prospective customers can use the configurator to choose between a plethora of historic, personalised or solid liveries, with an abundance of colour choices for both the interior and exterior.

A testament to the racing heritage and DNA of the Testa Rossa J, customers can even select their very own race number to adorn the front and side of their car. For those with an even racier disposition, customers can also choose the Pacco Gara upgrade, which offers a range of performance and aesthetic upgrades. Most notably, it includes a boost of power to take its total output to 14kW.

The innovative configurator is equipped with cutting-edge 3D augmented reality technology, which means that wherever the customer is, their creation can be placed directly in front of them on their device at 100% scale. Customers can see exactly what their Testa Rossa J will look like in their home or office, or how it will fit into their garage.

Ben Hedley, CEO of The Little Car Company, said: “The Ferrari Testa Rossa J is a car steeped in heritage and history, and our customers can now add their own style and taste to this with our configurator. Part of the joy of owning a Ferrari Testa Rossa J comes from the engaging design and personalisation process, which has now been made more immersive with the launch of our Testa Rossa J configurator. 

“Our team has worked hard to design, test, and implement this new augmented reality configurator to make the design and specification process for our clients more enjoyable and personal. We love seeing the creativity and unique perspectives of our customer specifications, from the wonderful liveries and colour combinations they choose, to the reasons and motivations for their selections.”

As an official Ferrari model, the Ferrari Testa Rossa J is built to meet the highest automotive standards. The Little Car Company’s team of engineers have taken great inspiration from the craftsmanship of the original, using the same hand-beaten aluminium, paint and techniques.

The Testa Rossa J incorporates many features of the original, including the same steering and suspension geometry to give it truly authentic handling. The interior also showcases sublime attention to detail with the transmission tunnel removed to make space for seating to accommodate a driver and junior passenger.

A beautifully designed Manettino switch, inspired by the Ferrari 812 Superfast, allows the driver to navigate between four driving modes:

  • Novice mode: 1kW / 24km/h
  • Comfort mode: 4kW / 40km/h
  • Sport mode: 10kW / 80km/h
  • Race mode: 12kW / 80km/h

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