• Bowler Motors triumphs at the ninth edition of Rallye TT Guadalajara in Castilian-La Mancha, Spain.
  • Bowler Motors maintained their vehicles’ robust performance and high spirits.
  • Paul White and Paul Chambers secured first place.
  • Thrilling action and amazing landscapes, while organisers earned praise for a well-executed rally. Regarded by the Spanish teams as the toughest of their Baja series, they put together an incredible event that ran seamlessly, testing the crews of every KM of the event.

Bowler Motors celebrated a triumphant weekend at the ninth edition of Rallye TT Guadalajara. Hosted in the picturesque town of Cifuentes, Castilian-La Mancha, this event marked the culmination of a thrilling European Rally season.

Organised by The Automobile Club Alcarreño, Rallye TT Guadalajara has grown into a premier off-road event that attracts a high-quality field, and forms part of the Spanish Baja championship consisting of 8 rounds throughout the season.

The weekend commenced with a highly successful first day, where Bowler Motors showcased their formidable pace in the superspecial stage. The pairing of Dan Beecroft and Barney Gillespie climbed 6 places over the short sprint course that decided the starting order for the main event.

An early start on the Saturday meant that the team were driving into the sun over many areas of the course, which covered a gruelling 168 km, including transitions from dense forest to fast sweeping tracks across the Spanish countryside. Followed immediately by another 89 km stage, the crews arrived in service with only air filter and tyre changes needed in readiness for the final 168 km stage to the finish. Already at the midpoint, many other competitors had dropped out through mechanical failure. All three Defenders showed little sign of the challenges of the extreme terrain they had covered and were quickly readied by the Bowler Works Team for the finale.

However, not all aspects of the race were without challenges. Fraser Parish faced adversity as he battled illness during the competition but demonstrated incredible resilience by continuing to support the team’s effort. Fraser said, “I was so glad that the defenders aircon was so effective, with such high temperatures it enabled me to keep going where it would have been impossible in any other car.”

The competition remained fierce, with Paul White and Paul Chambers putting up a formidable fight against Dan Beecroft and Barney Gillespie for the top position. The suspense intensified as news of possible penalties due to a slight deviation from the track loomed in the air.

Ultimately, the results reflected a fantastic weekend for the Bowler team. Paul White and Paul Chambers secured first place in class and 11th overall in a field of top-level cars, closely followed by Dan Beecroft and Barney Gillespie, securing second place in class. Unfortunately, David Beecroft and Fraser Parish retired from the event but put in a top performance, nonetheless. This remarkable performance by our drivers was a fitting conclusion to the final international rally of the season.

The rally also garnered significant attention from spectators, thanks to its thrilling action and the stunning landscapes of Castilian-La Mancha. The event organisers received commendation for their exceptional efforts in running a successful and memorable rally.

Bowler expresses gratitude to its fans, sponsors, and the entire team for their unwavering support and dedication. This weekend’s strong performance at Rallye TT Guadalajara solidifies Bowler Motors’ reputation as a force to be reckoned with in the world of off-road racing.

Team Pairing Driver/Co-Driver

Total Time


Paul White/Paul Chambers



Dan Beecroft/Barney Gillespie



David Beecroft/Fraser Parish



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