• Vinnie Jones has chosen the Isuzu D-Max AT35 with premium accessories as his personal vehicle.
  • He will use this rugged pick-up truck while filming his new Discovery Channel TV show, showcasing his love for country sports and wild space management.
  • Crawfords Automotive, an official Isuzu UK dealership, facilitated this collaboration, emphasising their commitment to personalised service and premium vehicles. 

27th October 2023 – Isuzu UK is excited to announce that the legendary actor and personality, Vinnie Jones, has chosen the Isuzu D-Max AT35 as his personal vehicle. Vinnie will be collecting his brand-new pick-up from the renowned Isuzu dealer, Crawfords, located in Billingshurst. This promises to be an exciting partnership between a celebrated tough guy and the ultimate tough truck.

Vinnie Jones is a multifaceted entertainer and sports icon known for his memorable roles in films such as “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels” and his notable football career, which included playing for Wimbledon and Chelsea. His charismatic presence, both on the screen and in the sporting world, has earned him a dedicated global following. Vinnie’s versatile talents and philanthropic efforts make him a beloved and influential figure in entertainment and sports.

Vinnie’s new Isuzu D-Max Arctic Trucks AT35, finished in the sleek Obsidian Grey colour, is set to make a statement. This impressive vehicle will be equipped with a range of accessories that perfectly match the actor’s rugged style and active lifestyle, including the Black Mountain Roll Top, Sports Bars, Tow Pack, Accessory Front Grille, and Lazer Lights. The Isuzu D-Max AT35 is renowned for its outstanding off-road capabilities, durability, and reliability, making it the perfect choice for someone like Vinnie, who demands nothing but the best.

For Vinnie, the Isuzu D-Max AT35 is more than just a vehicle; it’s an unwavering companion, ready to conquer rugged terrain and off-road adventures, whether on the screen or off. As a staunch advocate for country sports and a passionate guardian of the countryside, he finds his Isuzu D-Max AT35 perfectly mirroring his commitment and values.

What makes this partnership even more thrilling is the fact that Vinnie will be using his Isuzu D-Max AT35 when filming his new TV show for the Discovery Channel. This show will showcase his adventures and pursuits, including his passion for country sports, particularly game shooting, and his commitment to managing his wild spaces.

Bob Russell, Business Manager at Crawfords Automotive, expressed his enthusiasm for this partnership: “As a proud Isuzu UK dealer and official Arctic Trucks partner, we’re committed to delivering a premium customer experience. In collaboration with Vinnie Jones, a man who enjoys bespoke luxury products and working with premium businesses, we’re privileged to be counted among those who truly understand the art of supplying premium vehicles with the most personalised of services.”

Crawfords Automotive is a renowned Isuzu dealer known for its dedication to premium vehicles and high level of customer service. As an official Isuzu and Arctic Trucks partner with dealerships in Essex, Kent, and West Sussex, they’re committed to delivering excellence in performance and reliability. They’re also deeply involved in the local community, annually sponsoring Billingshurst FC, their local football club. With a reputation for quality, exceptional customer service and passion for exceptional vehicles, Crawfords Automotive is a trusted name in the automotive industry.

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