• Artificial Intelligence (AI) selling cars to customers; ‘unthinkable’ just 12 months ago
  • Phyron’s ‘always on’ paid video ad platform, 100% powered by AI, performing as an outsourced video marketing team
  • 82% of online time is spent watching video; using static imagery for advertising now ‘outdated’

Stockholm, 1 November 2023 – Dealers across Europe are selling cars thanks to the latest AI (artificial intelligence) technology. Auto retailers in Sweden, the UK and across Europe are moving stock at a more rapid rate thanks to Phyron’s new ‘always on’ paid video ad platform, 100% powered by AI and automation. All of this with no input or effort needed by dealer staff, with the AI platform essentially becoming a retailer’s outsourced video marketing team.

Marcus Malmberg, head of digital at 14-site Swedish dealer Bilbogalet said: “I didn’t think I’d be saying this 12 months ago – but AI technology is helping us to sell more cars. We’ve been using Phyron’s automated video creation and media buying services and the results have been phenomenal. The technology has really come on massively in the last year or two and is changing the way we work, helping us to achieve more sales while saving valuable time and resources.”

Phyron’s AI paid video ad platform analyses half a million cars daily, producing bespoke videos for each and every car in a dealer’s inventory designed for popular social media channels such as Meta, Youtube or TikTok. The software also takes care of all media buying and bid management for these social media platforms and offers 5x longer time spent online, a 90% recall rate, and helps dealers reach audiences that invest the majority of their online time in watching videos (82%) instead of static content.

Scottish retailer Your Ford Centre has seen its reach and engagement “skyrocket” using Phyron’s video ad platform. Jim McQuade, digital business director, said: “Switching to Phyron’s video ads has expanded our reach beyond expectations, and it’s so cost-effective. We’ve gone from advertising a few cars with static ads to video ads for over 50 cars with minimal effort. Thanks to Phyron, we’ve tapped into new audiences and skyrocketed our engagement using video.”

Phyron CEO and co-founder Johan Sundstrand commented: “Simply put, AI helps dealers sell more cars. With these results, the idea of relying on static imagery for advertising now seems outdated. People have become massively focused on video content, and AI technology can now produce stunning car videos, 100% automatically, and push them across social media platforms 24/7. We see this as just the start of what AI can do for the auto retail industry.”

How the Phyron platform works
Seven years in the making and now optimized under one groundbreaking platform, Phyron can elevate a dealer’s car-buying funnel, from website to marketplace to social media, with automated videos and enhanced stills – for less than the cost of a coffee per car.

Until now creating studio quality videos for every car on a dealership’s forecourt, uploading them to all the popular social media channels plus creating and optimizing targeted advertising campaigns would have taken a huge team of people working flat out. Now Phyron’s fully automated AI powered software can do it all in minutes, with zero human input.

Dealers are able to set brand guidelines for the video ads and identify the campaign goals; build brand and or drive clicks, select the target audience for the campaign, e.g. within a set distance from the dealership, set budgets and then launch all from within the Phyron paid ad ecosystem. The AI software will then optimize the ad campaigns in real time to hit the desired results.

Phyron now counts over 2,500 dealers as customers across 25 countries equating to 130,000 car ads currently carrying a Phyron video. Since January 2021, its customers’ car videos were viewed more than 250 million times and the firm has also expanded into the North American market.

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