OMODA recently unveiled its latest export figures for October, exporting 12,842 units, sustaining the robust growth momentum from previous months. This year, OMODA’s cumulative export sales have exceeded 130,000 units. 

As an emerging dark horse in the current crossover SUV landscape, OMODA, through its cutting-edge design aesthetics, future-reaching intelligent technology, and numerous international authoritative certifications, has crafted products that boast both performance and visual appeal. The OMODA 5 will be on sale in the UK from March 2024.

Two trim levels of the OMODA 5 will each come generously equipped with features that set new standards of connectivity, convenience, comfort, and style. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and wireless charging for one mobile phone will be available as standard for a connected driving experience. The exterior will feature 360°3D camera technology to enhance situational awareness. Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) including ACC adaptive cruise, Lane Keeping Assist and Autonomous Emergency Braking will provide additional support for drivers, giving peace of mind on the road.

The OMODA 5 boasts a sleek and aerodynamically efficient exterior design characterized by clean lines, a distinctive front grille with a bold diamond design, and striking LED headlights. OMODA 5 offers personalisation of various coloured accents for the wheels and door mirrors. OMODA 5 models also feature advanced LED lighting, including an adaptive lighting system as standard.  

OMODA Continuously Garners Industry Accolades, “Doubling Down” on Global Layout
While continuously capturing the favor of the new generation of users, OMODA has also bagged several prestigious accolades within the industry. On October 31, at The Star CarSifu Editors’ Choice Awards—esteemed within the automotive industry and organized by Malaysia’s renowned Star Media Group—OMODA 5 clinched the “Best Mid-Size Crossover/SUV” award. This honor follows its brand reputation and quality being recognized by the J.D. Power China New Vehicle Quality Study, cementing its authority within the industry.

Recently, with OMODA vehicles successively arriving at ports in Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, and other locations, it signifies that OMODA will bring more intelligent travel options to the youth of the Southeast Asian region. Its layout in the Southeast Asian region is set to expand further. Supported by outstanding products and a user ecosystem, OMODA continuously extends its brand reach. Its global steps are increasingly steady, with launches in 15 markets worldwide.

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