European expansion means electric car drivers can now find charge points in
France, Germany and Benelux

Zapmap, the UK’s leading charge point mapping service, has taken its first step outside of the UK and Republic of Ireland, and has started mapping charge points in mainland Europe.

Electric car drivers travelling to the continent can now use the company’s app and desktop map to search and filter for certain charge points in France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

At this stage, Zapmap is displaying selected high-power charge points in the five European countries, in order to help UK drivers charge their electric vehicle quickly and easily while road tripping in mainland Europe. These charge points have a power rating of 60kW or more, offering a variety of payment options.

The coming months will see Zapmap open up EV route planning and charging payments for drivers in France, Germany and Benelux, in line with its comprehensive offering for drivers in the UK and Ireland. The company also has plans to add charge points in further European countries, such as Spain, Switzerland, Austria and Italy.

Alex Earl, Commercial Director at Zapmap, said:
“I’m delighted to announce that we’ve taken our first step into mainland Europe. Mapping charge points on the continent has been a frequent request from Zapmap users over the past few years, and I’m very pleased to say that we’ve made it happen.

“As ever, our mission is to make the EV charging experience simple, wherever you go. That’s why, to ensure we offer the same great service abroad as we do in the UK, our aim at this initial stage is to help UK drivers on the continent find charge points en-route when road tripping in an electric car.

“For now, our route planner and cross-network payment solution are only available in the UK and Ireland. But watch this space, because our next steps will be to help EV drivers plan routes and pay for charging in France, Germany and Benelux.”

Looking further ahead, Zapmap also has plans to widen the net and deepen its coverage in mainland Europe. Indeed, later in the new year the EV charging pioneer is planning to display more types of charge point – and more charging networks – in more European countries.

Melanie Shufflebotham, Co-founder &  COO at Zapmap, said:
“It’s great to see Zapmap charge point markers showing in France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

“From our survey, we know that around 18% of Zapmap users travel abroad – typically to France, as well as Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany – with the past year seeing a 28% increase in people travelling to mainland Europe in their EV. I’m very pleased we’re now able to serve UK drivers in these five countries, and that we can open up mainland Europe to a new generation of electric car drivers.

“When using Zapmap abroad, remember to check-in and upload photos to charge points when you use them, just like you do in the UK to help others on their EV journey.”

At this stage, using Zapmap in France, Germany and Benelux gives drivers both a wide choice of charging options and powerful filters to tailor charging to their needs, helping them find suitable charge points wherever the open road takes them.

Alex Earl, Commercial Director at Zapmap, continued:
“In one go we have added some 15,000 charging locations in Europe – a 50% increase on the number of charging locations in the UK. That’s testament to a lot of hard work from the team here at Zapmap, for which I am extremely grateful. Now I’m very much looking forward to our next steps, where we’ll be working to broaden and deepen our presence on the continent.”

Zapmap is also inviting electric car drivers to share their European experiences, tips and suggestions in the app to provide advice and support for other EV drivers travelling to mainland Europe.

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