• After several successful collaborations with the A110, Alpine and Michelin are partnering once again to supply the future electric models of the Alpine Dream Garage, starting with the A290.
  • The result of two years of research, testing and development, Alpine offers three specific 19-inch tyres for its future A290: two summer and one winter.
  • The A290’s tyres will feature exclusive marking created for the future Alpine electric range.
  • Both French brands share the same taste for competition and pursuit of performance for over ten years.

Initiated in 2012, the collaboration between Alpine and Michelin began with the development of the new Alpine A110. The Dieppe-based brand has again partnered with the world leader in tyres. The A290, the future compact electric sports car, will benefit from innovative solutions to offer Alpine’s emblematic agility and driving pleasure in all conditions. Whether sporty driving or daily use, precision and traction are married with ease of use and comfort.

“Particular attention has been paid to the tyre’s rolling resistance, without compromising grip and driving, to give this first electric Alpine the best possible range, while maintaining the brand’s distinctive dynamic characteristics,” explains Philippe Krief, Alpine CEO.

Alpine A290: A range with three specific 19-inch tyres
The A290 will feature a range of three marked tyres on its 19-inch wheels:

  • The MICHELIN Pilot Sport EV: a sporty summer tyre with optimised energy efficiency, combining grip, longevity and autonomy.
  • The MICHELIN Pilot Sport S5: the sportiest summer tyre designed to extract the full potential of the A290 on both wet and dry surfaces.
  • The MICHELIN Pilot Alpin 5: a winter tyre offering a high level of grip to cope with a spectrum of winter conditions, particularly in cold and inclement weather and on wet or snow-covered surfaces.

Perfect balance and electric vehicle specifications: the A290’s challenge
Each tyre development is a genuine challenge, even more so on an electric vehicle. It has to guarantee its autonomy and take into account a new weight distribution combined with high and instantaneous torque. At 3.99 metres long, the Alpine A290 combines features enabling it to reach new limits. The short wheelbase promotes agility while a wider track increases stability, notably under braking. The wider tracks also make it possible to increase the cross-section of the tread by more than 15% to 225 mm wide, thereby increasing the surface contact with the ground.

The Michelin tyres developed jointly for the A290 take into account these new parameters to maximise the car’s performance. No less than two years of development was needed to find the perfect formula.

Exclusive marking for the Alpine tyres
The A290’s specific tyres offer a vast range of performances to meet different needs. Easily identifiable, this unique marking ensures that the original performance is maintained at each replacement during the life of the vehicle. It will be featured on all the tyres equipping Alpine’s future Dream Garage electric range.

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