• Lotus owners across Europe will benefit from charging access on the road with Bosch and at home with Mobilize
  • Partnership provides access to public charging stations across 30 European countries including the UK
  • Lotus drivers can locate the nearest public charger on Lotus HyperOS, its award-winning in-car infotainment system, making charging on the move easier

London, UK – 19 January 2024
Lotus has announced two new pan-European charging partnerships to support the rapidly growing number of customers taking delivery of its electric vehicles.

The company’s Eletre owners will be able tap into Bosch’s and Mobilize Power Solutions’ charging capabilities, enabling them to charge their hyper-SUV at home or on the move, providing them with further access to easy-to-use, reliable charging. The partnerships will also support owners of the company’s upcoming electric hyper-GT, Emeya, which Lotus will be delivering to customers in Europe later this year.

Through the Bosch charging network, Lotus owners have access to more than 600,000 public charging stations across 30 European countries including UK, Germany and France1. Lotus will continue to expand its charging network across Europe by adding additional network operators over time.

Drivers access the network with a simple tap of the Lotus Charging Card, and can find all the information they need easily via the Lotus Cars smartphone app. The app allows drivers to keep track of their charging history, manage costs and monitor vehicle battery status remotely.

Mike Johnstone, Chief Commercial Officer at Lotus Group, said: “Lack of charging infrastructure continues to remain one of the biggest barriers to electric vehicle adoption. We need make it easier than ever before to own an electric vehicle, in order to accelerate the transition to electrification and collaboration across the industry is key to this. By tapping into Bosch and Mobilize Power Solutions, we’re able to offer our customers further confidence in owning an electric Lotus by providing them with more and effortless options, wherever they are in Europe.”

Lotus’ electric vehicles offer exceptional charge times to keep drivers moving with minimal downtime. With a 350kW DC fast-charger, Eletre and Emeya can add 74 miles (120km)2 of range with approximately five minutes of charge; the same fast-charger can also boost the battery from 10-80% in 20 minutes for the hyper-SUV and 18 minutes for the hyper-GT.

Lotus Hyper OS, the award-winning in-car infotainment system in the Eletre and Emeya, uses intelligent EV routing to help drivers locate nearby public chargers. This feature reduces range anxiety and can significantly cut travel times. The system can even suggest alternative routes based on the driver’s real-time battery consumption – all delivering an optimised Lotus EV driving experience.

Lotus is teaming up with Mobilize Power Solutions to unlock the home as the primary charging location by offering an all-inclusive package which includes the supply and installation of a charging point, with personalised support from ordering to commissioning. Competitively priced from £1,199 including VAT (from €2,155 including VAT), it comes with a tethered cable as standard and can utilise energy generated by a domestic solar array.

Olivia Arago, Vice-President, eMobility Services, Bosch Electrified Motion, said: “Availability of the public charging network is a primary concern for almost half (44%) of potential EV buyers and we are making significant headway to improve access across Europe. We are delighted to be working so closely with Lotus customers to encourage more widespread EV adoption in the UK and EU, ensuring that drivers can readily locate and use our chargers while on the go.”

Nicolas Schottey, CEO, Mobilize Power Solutions, added: “Charging at home is the most convenient way for Lotus customers to get the most from their EV and, thanks to our solutions and this new partnership, that is now easier than ever. We are proud to be the Lotus’ EV installation partner of choice.”

Today’s announcements come on the heels of Lotus’ launch of its own EV charging solutions, including an ultra-fast 450kW DC charger, a power cabinet and a modular unit for charging up to four vehicles at once. Lotus is future-proofing its charging solutions in preparation for when next-generation fast-charging infrastructure becomes more widely available.

Lotus has committed to developing its own charging solutions to support its Vision80 strategy that is seeing the company transform from a British sports car manufacturer to an all-electric global luxury technology brand by 2028.

The company is delivering on that promise with Eletre, which started customer deliveries in 2023. Emeya was unveiled last year, and the company is expected to see it arrive with customers in H2 2024 in Europe.

For more information on Lotus charging capabilities, visit: https://www.lotuscars.com/lotus-charging

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