• Dacia introduces Dacia Flex, a convenient new leasing option where customers can end their contract penalty-free* after as little as six months
  • The innovative finance product is exclusively available on all versions of the current Duster
  • It allows Duster customers to enjoy a brand-new vehicle today, and then swap into the All-New Duster when it is launched later this year
  • More information on Dacia Flex can be found via: https://www.dacia.co.uk/finance/dacia-flex

Dacia is giving customers even more freedom with the introduction of Dacia Flex, a new innovative finance product that minimises their commitment to long-term vehicle ownership.

Exclusively available on all versions of the current Duster, Dacia Flex builds on the convenience of a Personal Contract Hire (PCH) plan with the option for customers to end the lease after only six months.

For Duster enthusiasts, this means they could enjoy the robust and rugged current model now and then swap into the All-New Duster after it is launched later this year.

As with a PCH, there are no potential issues about owning or selling the vehicle, meaning that at the end of the term customers simply hand back the keys to their Duster*. 

It’s equally easy to get started. Once customers have chosen which trim and engine fits their needs, they can choose an advance rental, which is then followed by a monthly rental cost based on mileage and the length of the lease. The advance rental can be as little as one monthly payment and road tax is also included in the cost.

Luke Broad, Dacia Brand Director for the UK, said: “All-New Duster is certainly going to be worth the wait, but we know that some customers need a new car now. That’s why we’ve introduced Dacia Flex! It gives customers the best of both worlds. Now they can enjoy all the benefits of the current Duster and then switch into the new model later this year, all without the faff of selling a car.”

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