• The world’s youngest explorer to visit every country, Lexie Alford, will today start an epic trip around the world in the new electric Ford Explorer
  • Journey will travel six continents, take in around 30 countries and clock up over 28,000 km in under 100 days, putting charging infrastructure and human resilience to the ultimate test
  • Lexie’s journey is inspired by Aloha Wanderwell who, in the 1920s using Ford vehicles including a Model T, became the first female to drive around the world
  • Attempt aims to motivate others to unleash their ‘can do’ spirit while challenging perceptions of what is possible in an electric vehicle

COLOGNE, Germany, Sept. 8, 2023 – Adventure travel content creator Lexie Alford (@LexieLimitless), the youngest person to visit every country in the world, begins her extraordinary Charge Around The Globe in the new electric Ford Explorer this Friday 8th September. Leaving from Nice, France, she will take in six continents and over 30 countries on an adventure that will see her aim to prove what’s possible in an electric vehicle, whilst simultaneously hoping to become the first person to circumnavigate the globe in an electric vehicle.1

Her journey encapsulates the ‘can do’ spirit shown by fellow adventurer Aloha Wanderwell, who became the first female to drive around the world a century ago. Aloha used a petrol-powered Ford for her journey and encountered numerous obstacles that required unusual solutions, like having oxen pull the car across mud flats, sand and rivers in India, and having human-powered help in China to pull it for miles as civil warfare made buying fuel impossible.

Like Aloha, Lexie will also be using a Ford in her attempt. The electric Ford Explorer she leaves Le Hotel Royal in Nice in – the same place Aloha started her journey from – is a pre-production prototype model that is as close as possible to the vehicle customers will experience when on sale in Europe next summer. With no special modifications to tackle the challenges that await, it’s a vehicle tailor-made for adventure and will keep her connected, comfortable and ready for anything on the ultimate road-trip.

“This is an epic journey to prove what’s possible in an electric vehicle, as we know range and charging are the two main concerns people have when thinking about making the switch to electric,” said Martin Sander, general manager, Ford Model e Europe. “Lexie will be putting charging infrastructure to the ultimate test; if she can get around the world in an EV, then anyone can use one in Europe, every day.”

To help further prepare for this epic roadtrip Lexie has been getting a behind-the-scenes look into Ford and the electric Ford Explorer. She visited the design and product development teams in Cologne, experienced extremes of temperature at the Environmental Test Center – or ‘weather factory’ – and completed her advanced driver training certification at the Lommel Proving Ground.

Charge Around The Globe challenge
Inspiration from Aloha Wanderwell’s journey will influence the route, yet Lexie will ultimately be taking her own path as she deals with severe weather, unpredictable terrain or lack of charging infrastructure, all while aiming to complete the first circumnavigation of the globe in an electric vehicle. She will be backed by a crew that includes security, medics, and mechanical and software support with dynamic risk assessments happening at the beginning of each day.

“This is an epic adventure, but a tough one. It will be tough on the Explorer and with the amount of time on the road alone it will be tough on me and the support crew,” said Lexie. “Any adventure worth having should challenge you though, and I can’t wait to explore the new places and meet incredible people to find out how they’re trying to make their corners of the world better.”

Lexie’s journey will go live when she leaves on 8th September, with regular updates for the duration of her trip. You can follow the journey by searching #ChargeAroundTheGlobe or following @lexielimitless, @forduk and @fordnewseurope social channels.

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