The iconic Brands Hatch circuit in Kent, England, is renowned for its challenging layout, demanding both precision and skill from drivers. To truly master this historic track, utilizing advanced technology such as the SOLO DL GPS Lap Timer can significantly enhance your performance. Here’s how this sophisticated device can help you gain a competitive edge at Brands Hatch.

Understanding the SOLO DL GPS Lap Timer

is a high-precision tool designed for motorsport enthusiasts and professional racers alike. It combines GPS data with vehicle telemetry to provide comprehensive performance analysis. Equipped with a high-speed GPS receiver, the SOLO DL captures data with exceptional accuracy, offering insights into your driving techniques and car’s performance.

Key Features Beneficial at Brands Hatch

  1. Accurate Lap Timing: The SOLO DL offers precise lap timing with a margin of error within a few tenths of a second. Brands Hatch, with its mix of long straights and tight corners, requires accurate lap timing to identify where you gain or lose time.

  2. Sector Analysis: The device can divide the circuit into sectors, allowing detailed analysis of each segment. This feature is crucial for Brands Hatch, where mastering each sector—from the sweeping Paddock Hill Bend to the tight Druids Hairpin—can shave seconds off your lap time.

  3. Data Logging: With extensive data logging capabilities, the SOLO DL records speed, acceleration, braking points, and G-forces. This data is invaluable for understanding how you approach each corner and straight.

  4. Predictive Lap Timing: The predictive lap timing feature provides real-time feedback on your performance compared to your best lap. This instant information can help you adjust your driving on-the-fly, ensuring continuous improvement during your sessions.

  5. Compatibility with Vehicle ECU: By connecting to your vehicle’s ECU, the SOLO DL can display engine parameters such as RPM, throttle position, and gear selection. This integration helps you understand how your driving inputs correlate with your car’s responses.

Implementing the SOLO DL at Brands Hatch

To effectively utilize the SOLO DL GPS Lap Timer at Brands Hatch, follow these steps:

  1. Initial Setup: Mount the device securely in your car, ensuring the GPS antenna has a clear view of the sky. Configure the SOLO DL to the Brands Hatch circuit layout, either the Indy or Grand Prix configuration.

  2. Warm-Up Laps: During your initial laps, focus on warming up your tires and familiarizing yourself with the track conditions. Allow the SOLO DL to start recording baseline data.

  3. Data Collection: Perform a series of laps at your usual pace. The SOLO DL will capture detailed telemetry data, which you can analyze between sessions. Pay attention to your entry and exit speeds, braking points, and throttle application.

  4. Sector Analysis: Break down your laps into sectors. Brands Hatch has several key sectors where time can be gained or lost. For instance, analyze your approach to Paddock Hill Bend, one of the most challenging corners due to its downhill entry and blind apex.

  5. Identify Improvements: Use the predictive lap timing to identify areas where you can improve. If the SOLO DL shows you’re consistently slower in a particular sector, focus on refining your technique in that area. Adjust your braking points, lines, and throttle application based on the data.

  6. Fine-Tuning: Adjust your car setup in conjunction with the data from the SOLO DL. If you notice understeer or oversteer in specific corners, tweak your suspension settings, tire pressures, or aerodynamics accordingly.

  7. Real-Time Feedback: Utilize the real-time feedback during your driving sessions to make immediate adjustments. The SOLO DL’s display will show if you are ahead or behind your best time, allowing you to push harder or refine your technique in real-time.

Post-Session Analysis

After your track day, download the data from the SOLO DL for a comprehensive analysis. Use software like AIM Race Studio to delve into your performance metrics. Compare different sessions, analyze consistency, and identify areas for further improvement. Reviewing this data helps you develop a strategic approach to mastering Brands Hatch.


The SOLO DL GPS Lap Timer is an invaluable tool for any driver looking to enhance their performance at Brands Hatch. Its precise data collection, real-time feedback, and comprehensive analysis capabilities provide the insights needed to refine your technique and improve lap times. By systematically using the SOLO DL, you can unlock your full potential on this legendary circuit and achieve new levels of performance.

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